History of MANNAM
MANNAM Volunteer Association was originally established in 2003 in the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea.  Starting out with only 700 dedicated members, MANNAM has grown to an organization with more than 100,000 members worldwide.  MANNAM has not only been quietly serving domestically but also internationally.  On June 6th, 2009 MANNAM’s branches came together to the celebrate the 54th Commemoration of the Korean War.  It was during this festival that MANNAM made a name for itself as an organization that transcends simple volunteer services, but also inspires the world.  From that moment, many people who have come into contact with MANNAM and its events, have described MANNAM’s role within society as a light – a light that is capable of encompassing the world.  Also, this festival brought 54 different volunteer organizations based in Korea and others based internationally to unite under one purpose, giving birth to the largest Korean-founded NGO (Non-governmental Organization).  The cooperation among the MANNAM branches was strengthened by hosting 3 national civilian festivals.  Aside from the various festivals we host, each branch of MANNAM is also very involved in serving in all areas of their society.  MANNAM members have offered their services in a spirit of self-sufficiency and pure volunteerism.  MANNAM’s goal is to inspire people of all ethnic groups, cultures, religions and nationalities to share their love.  This love is beyond their immediate communities, ultimately setting a new standard for volunteering and defining a new course for the history of volunteer work.
Principles of MANNAM Volunteer Association
  1. Embody the spirit of pure volunteerism and work to promote unity among the people and cultures of the world.
  2. Offer our time and skills to aid the communities by participating in events and festivals that promote the principals of peace, unity and volunteer service.
  3. Strive to be a source of light and hope for others, not accepting payment for services rendered through MANNAM.
  4. Grow in our efforts to aid, uplift and enrich society, starting within our immediate  communities – reaching out to the world.  We will uphold the principles of justice and equality for all, irrespective of race, culture, religion, gender or political persuasion.  We will not discriminate against any group or individual longing to work towards the goal of peace and unity for all humanity.

6 thoughts on “About MANNAM”

  1. grace park said:

    I think MANNAM seems to organizations that are light and pure.

  2. Paige Benson said:

    MANNAM Volunteer Association is doing good works for peace.

  3. The people I met with MANNAM, they all were very kind and helpful. Thank you, MANNAM!!

  4. I personally think MANNAM is unique and beautiful, but I know you would agree with me.
    I do feel all the members’ genuine hearts.
    How beautiful to see!

  5. I like the way it offers their love toward others

  6. Nice organization:) I like Mannam people.

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